Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Essay contest

I finally did it, I entered an essay writing contest. I had clipped out the rules from Real Simple magazine about a month ago, and had thought about starting it a million times. Finally Sunday night, (did I mention it was due by 11:59 PM on Monday?) I started writing. About 4PM on Monday I thought I wouldn't have it done, and even told my mom on the phone that I wouldn't finish in time to submit. She gave a genuine, "Awww, that's too bad!" And for some reason that triggered it. 7 hours and 59 minutes? I could get it done!

And I did, along with 3 loads of laundry, dinner, and 2 episodes of Sopranos. The rules said 1,500 words or less, and around 9PM I kept hovering around 1,550. Not my best work ever, but my bigger goal was just to get something complete submitted and show myself I could do it. I'm not one for submitting sub-par work...on purpose anyway, so I am a little disappointed that I didn't start sooner.

I decided to write about my struggle this week because this was all a result of procratination-procrastination rooted in fear. It was like I was trying to give myself an excuse for the essay not to be perfect, so if it was critisized I could say, "Well I did it in 24 hours, so considering the time constraint it's pretty good." I realized I do this all the time. I put things off because I am afraid to do them, or afraid of what people will think of the outcome.

Really what did I have to worry about? No one was going to read my essay but the staff at Real Simple. Not like they are posting submissions on a billboard in Times Square. And as mediocre as it was, I'm sure there were many that were worse. It was all in my head.

We'll see if I hear anything from Real Simple. In the mean time stop putting off something you have been meaning to do and get started today!

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