Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Next year

I have had this song on my iPod for a couple of years, and I like the fact that he lists out all the resolutions he feels he should have and admits that he probably won't do any of them. But, despite being scared, the one thing he IS going to do is to tell someone how he feels about them. And really, isn't that what is most important? Our relationships with others?

When we make resolutions they are often self centered. I will lose weight, I will be more successful in my career, I will improve my mind. Not that this is bad, self improvement is necessary and important. However, what are we doing to make the lives of others better? How are we sustaining our most important relationships with our significant other, family, and friends?

This year, amongst my goals for health and success, are goals for my relationships and the 'greater good'. My friend Kelly and I are creating a club that contributes to a different charity every month. I've planned visits home to see my family. I'm making more of an effort to do more random special things for my boyfriend (he certainly outdoes me in this category). I want 2010 to be full of experiences that bring more joy and happiness into others' lives, and mine too. I won't remember if I'm 10 lbs. overweight on December 31st, but I will remember the good things that came about.

Make a resolution to bring joy and happiness into people's lives. By doing so you will bring the same into yours. Happy New Year!


  1. hey lady - loved this post! can you tell me more about the charities you are looking to help this year?

  2. @erica Thanks! Kelly and I still have to discuss this, but we're thinking a mixture of local organizations, national, and international. Kelly and I both have a pretty busy couple of weeks ahead of us, but I'm thinking we will have more info beginning of February, I'll keep you posted!